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Bain Capital Ventures raises $600 million for New Tech startups

Headquarters: Boston

Founded :-  2001

Bain Capital Ventures is the venture capital branch of Bain Capital. The venture capital arm started in 2001 and since then it has wagered about 221 times on several startups that include Jet.com and DocuSign

Bain is a Boston-based firm that made its move towards Silicon Valley in 2011. Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) provides seed through growth capital for companies focused on technology and technology-enabled services primarily for enterprise customers.

BCV invests across sectors including infrastructure software, application software, FinTech and healthcare. Select BCV investments include ABILITY Network, BloomReach, Docusign, Gainsight, Infusionsoft, Kiva Systems, Liazon, LinkedIn, Optimizely, Rapid7, SolarWinds, SurveyMonkey. TellApart and VMTurbo.

Bain Capital Ventures raises $600 million for  New Tech startups

  • Recently The New York times published an article about shift in attitude about funding for tech startup ,there was a time when , tech startup founders were flooded with funding offers, but now they have to work for it. The valuation of tech companies are not as steady as they used to be, leading investors to ask questions .
  • This more cautious approach by those who hold the needed capital has precipitated a shift in the balance of power.


According to New York times

“Venture capitalists are putting founders through everything short of a proctology exam before they invest,” Vensky Ganesan, a partner at a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley,


  • According to the National Venture Capital Association, funding decreased to $12.1 billion in the first quarter from a year ago – that’s 11 percent. More entrepreneurs are competing for less money.


Bain Capital Ventures’ funding success, however, demonstrates that investors are still willing to put their money in these tech startup in the hopes of enjoying some serious rewards.


“Limited partners still want that allocation to VCs in their portfolio as a sliver of high risk, high reward,” said Garrett Black, a senior analyst at PitchBook Data. “We’re seeing successful investors essentially re-raise again and again because they can – they’ve still been successful, especially over the past couple years.”
The priority for this fund was to downsize compared to earlier heftier funds in order to be able to focus on early stage deals.

Managing Director Ajay Agarwal said 

“The moment our funds becoming $1 billion or so it become hard to be great early stage investors,” 


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