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Art of Guerrilla Marketing for Start-ups!

Guerrilla warfare is what we have heard much about! The aggressive method of warfare has given many military organisations a great win. But has anyone really thought about using that in the marketing? The answer is of course yes, the method of guerrilla marketing has also given big business houses a very big profit kick! But what about start-ups? To understand the concept of guerrilla marketing one doesn’t really need much specialization. In many contexts one might require some technical knowledge but to crack down the basic idea you don’t really need a subjective approach!


One of the vast areas in marketing is guerrilla marketing and to bring this into effect might look like a hefty task because mainly of the terminologies and self-assumptions. But to take your start-up to a new height no other technique is going to help. And the main package involved in this technique is it is least cost eating and most effective!


How to start? What is to be done?

When you look for funding, the one you approach always checks the creativity in you. But then you disappoint them by not showing that creativity in marketing techniques. So the first step it to show a burst of creativity in your marketing skills. People have been endorsing their products on streets, wall posters and some through even graffiti! The easiest method of using this marketing technique is to pick the most talkative person near you and send them out to talk about your products to those who personally know them, and you shouldn’t stop till you get minimum 50 people asking about your product every day.


Getting on streets can be your next phase where without just doing tele-marketing; you go out and hand your products to your targeted customers and see your business develop right away! Every start-up team must have creative brain exclusively for having the publicity techniques. Big companies opt for creative advertisement techniques by paying millions but just by simple printed material design you can have potential customers flock around you.


Which technique is right?

The answer lies based on your nature of venture. Choosing wisely out of hundreds ideas shall create a bit trouble but once the right idea is put in, you shall look your venture grow to a market share conqueror. Never let the fear of choosing a wrong method stop you, keep trying and basic idea to be kept in mind is “aggressive marketing”. First try may go wrong but eventually once you master this methodology you would never worry about your market reach.


Platforms and media: Physical or virtual?

The time when the primary concept of guerrilla marketing came in we didn’t have any social media or any virtual platforms. But now it’s not a problem at all. You can go for both platforms based upon your product; having software you need to go for more into virtual media but when you have any physical product specialization you can always go for physical and virtual.


Holding customer base is difficult but finding them is even harder! First find, then hold..Good luck!


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