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App based Bus-Service to be launched in Delhi

In order to improve the public transport system and the issue regarding high prices of cab drivers, AAP Government has announced to launched an app-based bus service system starting june launching in Delhi. This app will be used only for Air-conditioned buses with 2 CCTv cameras, GPS and wi-fi. The app should also contain a panic button to ensure women’s safety.  To get a licence from the Delhi Government 1 bus aggregator have to run at least 50 vehicles. This scheme is also applicable for the cab companies including Ola and Uber.

How this works?

First the users should find the buses going towards their destinations and accordingly book their seats via App. After the booking is complete, aggregators cannot cancel the service other than occurrence of any break-down of the vehicle and in that case the company will have to refund twice the amount they received from the affected passengers. 5 minutes before the departure, the aggregator will freeze the bookings and list of passengers will be displayed and driver cannot allow other passengers who have not booked their seats.

Transport minister Gopal Raj said,

“ that bus aggregators will have an individual app like Ola, Uber and they will be allowed to decide their fares, but if need arises government will prescribe upper limit of fares or take steps to check predatory pricing. He said the decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.”

He also said

“We brought the odd-even plan to battle pollution in the city and found that good number of commuters started using Metro services. But we need to provide alternate quality transport to car users. The prevailing quality and reliability of the bus service has discouraged most private car owners to commute by bus,”


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