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AISECT an Education Group launches MOOC India’s largest open online course

AISECT a Bhopal based education group has launched MOOC- Massive Open Online Course which offers 2000 courses including skill courses, higher education courses and school courses. Till date MOOC platform has provided largest number of courses, and all courses are free of cost.

AISECT has partnered with ALISON an Ireland based education group. With 7 million registered learners and 800k graduates it is the global leader in free online certified skills training. It offers school level skills which are based on higher education with 750+ diplomaand certified level, the courses will be available through MOOC portal. Presently the courses are available in Hindi and English, but in new few months it is planning to add more regional language.

Mr. Mike Feerick, CEO & Founder of ALISON said

“ALISON is delighted to partner with AISECT, opening up direct access for Indian learners through AISECT’s 23,000 training centres across India to ALISON’s free learning resources. The need for what we can provide together has never been greater in India, and we look forward to pioneering transformative and highly scalable learning solutions for workforce training in India in the months ahead.”


Students and Teachers have shown a good response towards MOOC platform. It has helped students to form their second largest group in the world to opt for MOOC facilities. In regions where there is need of education MOOC plays an important role in transforming the status of education by meeting the rising demand of digital learning. Short-time courses are available in the areas like Health Literacy, Digital Literacy & IT skills, languages, business & enterprise skills, financial & economic literacy, soft skills & personal development, beauty & wellness, electronics, etc.

Mr. Abhishek Pandit Director of AISECT said

“Our portal encourages inclusivity in education by giving students in the remotest corners of the country easy and free access to world-class course curriculum. Unlike other MOOC platforms that are completely online and don’t have a scope for learning with peers, we will give students access to our widespread network of education centre’s across the country so that they will have the option of utilizing the infrastructure of the centre and take guidance from the Faculty.”


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