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Adresshealth raised $1.5 million Series A funding from Unitus Seed Fund

AdressHealth a Bangalore based healthcare startup has raised $1.5 million in Series A round of funding from Grey Matters Capital and Unitus Seed fund- its existing investor. The funds will be used for expansion, reduce cost, and improving technology which will help children to receive comprehensive primary help.

Radhakrishnan, Co-founder of AddressHealth, said

“We will use technology to further expand our reach, reduce costs and promote proactive preventive health action by parents and schools, to make children healthier and happier.”

AdressHealth was founded by Anand Lakshman and Anoop Radhakrishnan in 2010. It helps school to provide pediatric healthcare programmes to their students at low cost. It provides comprehensive care for children with school health programs and clinics, services provided includes vision, dental, mental health and nutrition services.

AddressHealth claims to have more than 1 lakh children through its site. By 2018 it plans to deliver primary health care services to 1 million children, more than 3 lakh students belongs to low income families. The clinics work with Preschools and Schools in their neighbourhood to provide health education, screening, mental health & counseling services and Nutrition & environmental audits.

The startup claims to be serving more than 30k children in South Bangalore. It aims to reduce the cost associated with retail healthcare  by leveraging partnerships with schools. It further plans to provide 200k dental treatment, 50k spectacles for children having vision problems & to treat children with chronic diseases such as obesity, asthma, and mental disorders.


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