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A Design Studio built by the trio to transform home

Onyx Designer Studio a Mumbai based startup provides solution by being a designers and taking care of the fit out work with there subcontractors. It was founded in 2013 by Ami Mehta, Purvi Shah and Shefali Survi. The idea was generated when the trio met over a drinks and realized how much an atmosphere can help family and friends to enjoy and relax.

Shefali Survi Co-founder of Onyx Designer Studio said

“We offer interior design services for discerning, quality-conscious clients who seek assistance in the design of their residence, vacation homes and offices.”

Currently it is operating with a staff of 3 site executors, 2 creative space designers, and a large team of skilled contractors. It takes conceptualization projects via implementation based on the client’s budget, taste and space.

Ami Mehta is a mother and an interior designer. She has also worked with NGOs and some social projects like Spreading Smile. Purvi Shah is a mother and have experience of decades in interior designing and loves to travel to various places & study material and their finishes. Shefali Survi has over 2 decades of experience in Interior designing which made it easier for her to hire a team to built their design studio.

With projected loses the total revenue Onyx made was Rs 85 lakh, which they refuse to disclose. Now the team claims to be in profit.

Shefali Survi said

“At an individual level each of us used to handle one to two sites a year, but in period of two years Onyx Designer Studio saw a successful completion of 34 sites.”

Their pricing structure depends on the designers, the type of project and the location. Fees can be in a form of one time payment, percentage, hourly fee, per sq foot or turnkey.

Shefali further added

“Designing each space is always a challenging job, each product varies with every site and every scope of design. We bear this in mind and then plan functional and beautiful spaces, be it residential or commercial.”

Onyx plans to have a bigger designer studio where they can display office, home and vacation home designs for the customers to understand their concept properly. It also aims to increase their business by no of clients per designer per month.

According to the 2015 report by the CII around 17% of interior design industry contributes to more then Rs 25 crore to the overall design industry. Some interior design companies are opting for tech route which includes Furdo, Foyr, Floorspace, Gharcentre and LivSpace.


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