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best business to start in 2017

Best Business to start in 2017- Beingstartup

Best Business to start in 2017

Best business to start in 2017, is the type of business that you can dedicate yourself to one hundred percent. Dedication is the one factor that you need to consider before settling on any business idea. We’re talking about the attitude that you have at the base level.

Yes, the type of business you choose matters, and you should do plenty of research and set aside time for reflection and analysis. But at the end of the day, what will make that vital difference is the human factor. It’s you.


Best Business to start in 2017

It doesn’t matter that you’re choosing a popular niche of business that is in demand if you have a bad attitude towards your project. You may think that these are obvious things, and most people are not that self-aware that they manage to identify their less efficient qualities. But take it from the numbers: most people do not follow through on their business start-ups, and they fail epically. 90% of these failures are due to lousy attitudes, even from people who think they’re awesome go-getters.


Honesty Gets Results

Keep in mind that you may fail in your chosen business even if you have a perfect go-getting attitude. Starting a business is never easy, even if you’ve found a great niche. And the difficulties are often things that are out of your control. So you need to understand that best business to start in 2017, in itself, is not a project that is likely to be successful after a certain time.

This will make you think twice about which niche to choose, and just keep you on your toes. You’ll work harder, which is great for results. Being honest about these things will get you results.


Be positive

Now, all this honesty about the way the world works does not mean that you should adopt negative attitudes. Many coaches say that there are two basic emotions, positive and negative. And that in order to really raise your efficiency, and get results, you need to be on the positive side. You can think about it with a comparison to the art of developing ideas, as this practice consists of two parts. And both parts are different.

The first part is a right-brain, brainstorming part, where your goal is just to come up with as many thoughts as possible without analyzing or critiquing them. The next phase is switching to the left side of your brain, which deals with rational and analytical thinking. At this stage, you can voice your objections.



When this is done, you need to make a decision. This is often done using your intuition. Most business people call this a gut feeling. It doesn’t matter what other people may want you to do, or what is the logical choice to make. You may have a gut feeling that goes in the other direction completely. Learning to trust your instincts; your intuition; your gut feeling, is important.


Choosing a niche

These pointers are essential for standing out from other people. Remember the 80/20 rule. Most people fall into the bottom 80% of people in their field. For you to be a top 20% person, you need to think about those little details that most people forget. Don’t be like most people, is perhaps the best advice.

There are nine great niches for 2017 and going onwards, and I will outline them briefly here. All of these ideas are hand-picked, and they fit all the criteria of a great idea.

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  1. Quality outsourcing

Outsourcing has become one of the most important business tendencies, for businesses of all levels. But my focus here is more on the small and medium sized companies. With the online revolution, you’re able to outsource pretty much any of those boring and time-wasting chores. The Internet is full of people offering their services, many of them from countries like India, Russia, The Philippines, etc.

It may sound scary to use such services, but the time wasting factor is huge for some tasks, and this could be an important decision that will help you focus on the bigger picture. But where’s the business idea, you may ask? In refining outsourcing even further. Business people are looking for higher quality of their outsourcing services, and this quality is not always easy to find.

The opportunity for you may be two-fold.

First of all, you may offer your own services, and create your own business opportunities delivering outsourced services in areas such as virtual assistants, data handling, customer service, writing, etc. But you may also think about setting up a business that specializes in finding the right people for these out-sourcing jobs. Like being a recruiter for the online community. There is a demand for more quality; you may be the one who brings that to the table and charge a premium. This idea deserves being called best business to start in 2017.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Why re-invent the wheel? Make money selling other people’s products. This will get you into retailing, even though it’s an indirect approach, without you needing to think about warehousing, logistics, transportation and shipment, handling, and those nightmares. Focus on selling, only, and get a commission each time someone buys the product.

Affiliate marketing is a true Internet marketing niche, as it involves producing content and getting this content displayed to people who you think are interested in buying. This means that you should know what you’re doing in fields such as search engine optimization, search advertising, social media advertising, and copywriting. Some of these skills may be outsourced, but make sure that you analyze what it is that you will bring to the table. If you have the money, you could outsource the whole set-up, and simply sit back and let the money tick in. But deep inside you know that this will fail at one point, so the best bet is to be strong in some of these areas, and then outsource others.


  1. Nutritional Coaching


People think, and worry, more about food and the stuff that they out into their mouths. It’s a trend, and it’s growing. Not just because of obesity, but also because of the many chronic illnesses that are out there. Experts think that diet could be the key to solving many of these illnesses. And people are catching up to that idea.

But they need help to get started. It is not easy to re-start the way you eat and get into new habits. Simply reading a book is not enough, people need motivation. They need coaching. If you’re interested in nutrition, why don’t you start a coaching service for nutrition? You could start making a blog, offering free information on the topic. This will get you site visitors. When the site is up, start writing a few short books on the topic, and consider distributing them on Amazon. The important thing isn’t to make money on these books, but to get the word out. And to establish you as an authority on the subject. The final step would be to start a membership site where you charge people monthly for online, indirect coaching. And this could lead to actual, one on one coaching, which is a lucrative field.


  1. Online teaching and training


People always need to learn new things, and learning online has never been this important. It’s a big market, but surprisingly, many institutions that should’ve been more pro-active, are lagging behind. The right person could have a look at online teaching, bring some fresh perspectives, and steal huge chunks of this market. Look at some of the creative best business to start in 2017 that are already there, particularly video lessons on all kinds of topics. People love videos, and do not forget that reading is becoming a thing of the past. There is no time to read anymore, as people want their information in small doses. This is true for learning as well. And teaching.

When we talk about online teaching, remember that the focus is more on scholarly topics than, say, training. But online training is also a very interesting niche that could be even easier to get into. If you have certain interests and qualifications, you could set up an online platform or operation to train other people. Think about how you can teach, or train, people online for the best results, and you could suddenly have a great business idea for 2017.


  1. Online Advertising

Social media and search have changed the way businesses advertise. And the market is huge. Still, there is, even more, room to grow, and if you have some knowledge about online advertising, you should think about positioning yourself to smaller businesses, and maybe even individuals. Experts in the field of online advertising normally forget about the smaller businesses, but advertising will also explode for these groups, and they need help to do it efficiently. Online advertising most certainly deserves to be called best business to start in 2017.


  1. Box Subscriptions

People have less time, and less patience. And this is why box subscriptions are so popular. There are some things you simply want to appear in front of you, without having to buy yourself. Things like socks and underwear (for men, at least), your weekly groceries and drinks, hygiene equipment end the likes. But be aware that there are other possibilities for box subscriptions, too, so make sure you brainstorm this. Another best business to start in 2017 idea.

A box subscription is a service where you send a box of goods at certain set intervals. This could be daily, weekly or monthly. The benefits for the seller are obvious, as they will know, with certainty, exactly which products will sell that month, which could have a huge impact on your profit margin.


  1. Motivational Coaching


There have never been so many choices or so much information in the world. But the same psychological problems still persist, even more so. Motivation is something most people need a lot of inspiration from external sources in order to get. You could set up a motivational coaching service to cater to these people. The main issue at first will be how you market yourself as an expert. Try writing a few eBooks on the subject, and set up a site with many articles or posts. After that, you can use online advertising and social media to get the message across. Choose a setup, and choose your prices carefully, as the cost of getting new clients may be high in the beginning. This one is difficult but it is one of the best business to start in 2017.


  1. Accounting and tax services


With the explosion of online sales and the increased focus that governments around the world start eyeing online entrepreneurs and businesses for getting more taxes, more people will need accountancy services. This is a great area to be in, and it is going to sky-rocket. Gone are the days when you can make money online without letting Big Brother know about it. Why don’t you create a service, or even an app, for accounting services to small businesses? This could explode, and if you’ve got a position as a brand, you could be raking in that money.


  1. Health products and services


We’ve mentioned nutrition, and how people are focusing on it. And the same thing goes for health. People are getting more informed, and as they are getting sicker and sicker (yes, diseases are on the rise because of lifestyle choices), they are seeking out alternative solutions. The medical community is not managing to treat all those chronically ill patients, so all kinds of alternative therapies are big, and will become even bigger. This is a typical offline business, of course, but you need to market yourself online. And there is no need to offer services only, as you could sell products related to health. Not just vitamins and minerals, but hard products like blood pressure measurers, fitness equipment, etc. Information about health is also a big seller, and all in all, health deserves to be called best business to start in 2017.

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