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7 Business Ideas to Start With

7 Business Ideas to Start With

7 Business Ideas to Start With

7 Business Ideas to Start With

So, you are officially considering leaving your job and be your own boss. You believe that your savings is already enough to, say, start building your empire-to-be.

Well, of course, even Jeff Bezos must have started from somewhere.

It is definitely going to be a bumpy ride from here onwards and you know that. The idea of starting your own business can be scary and yet, you are still convinced that staying where you currently are is not going to make your future any brighter, at least, not the very near future. You must do it now.

In doing so, you have to start with first things first. Identifying which, among the hundreds of business ideas of your own, should you start venturing on?

Products or Services

If you really can’t wait for the grass to grow, you have to stay in the reality that what you are starting is in its simplest form, does your business idea involves provision of Products? Or Services? Or Both?


There are more than a few options when it comes to product selection. Whether you have a genuine idea of an item or an improved one, you have to consider the following:

1. Make and Sell

Make and Sell

You have your own idea and you can manage to give its physicality, that is, you have the capacity to handle the entire production of your chosen product. Handcrafts Shop, build one, if you are into Pottery. Making bracelet out of beads or any accessories that you can make can also work.

You can put up a Garden Business that sells some types of daisies, or ornamental grasses, or any plant that you can and know how to grow yourself.

Furniture Shop is for you if you have eyes and hands for stylish couches or sofas, tables or chairs. You can start by remodeling your own dining table and posting it online.

If you have a hidden Chemist in you, you can probably start a Cosmetic Business that focuses on Soap or Perfumes or even dishwashing liquid.

Bring out the Master Chef in you and realize your own business idea in the Food Industry. You can either establish a restaurant or a bakery.

2. Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell

Now, if you plan to follow Jeff Bezos’ footsteps and eyeing a retailing business, you can venture into a Buy and Sell trade. You also have options for this activity.

If you have that guts and if you are a bigtime risk-taker, or say an aggressive businessman, you can put up a local Grocery Store. Especially if you will be focusing on food items like canned goods, perishables, or fruits and vegetables.

In times where everything is going online, it is also wise to engage yourself into Cybershopping, especially now that it has already gained its momentum. You can either buy the products that you are selling or make, assemble or grow them, depends on you.


Talent and passion can also be a substantial factor in bringing your own business idea to life. Aside from the fact that inflation won’t affect it, you probably will enjoy your business because basically, it involves something that you love doing.

3. Expert Help

Expert Help

Tutorial Services is for you if you are fond of sharing your expertise on a particular subject. You can either start offering your own, one-on-one tutelage or build a team to cover larger market.

The same goes if you speak foreign language, or you have thing or two for Choreography, belly dancing or even personality development.

4. Hard Core

Hard Core

If you are the likes of Elliot Anderson (if you ask who he is then probably you are not), you can freelance and accept jobs from companies and proprietors that need service or services for a certain Software of your competence. You can create a team of Web Developers or UI Designers, etc.

If writing is your edge then, go for Proofreading Business. Call your herd and serve the town your striking articles. Provide the struggling students the help they need for their theses or dissertations.

5. Assistance


It may be a territorial business but once you satisfy your first client, your Events Management Company will gain more prospects through referrals and word of mouth. Your team might go out of town for Weddings, Birthdays or Concerts if you do great.

6. Arts and Beauty

Arts and Beauty

Another business area that needs testimonial advertising is Salon and Spa. If you are into it, start by offering a home-service that might lead to your pioneer branch, giving birth to its Branches or Franchises.

If you are an artist, build an Art Gallery. If you master the Exposure triangle, then Audio and Video Coverage is your line. The thing about Art Industry that makes it risky and unpopular is its subjectivity. However, once you hit the right stroke, note, or angle, you might just earn a fortune.

7. Makers


You have probably hundreds of choices if your start-up business idea involves Building and Repairing. You can choose from Plumbing, Electrical or Mechanical type of business.

You will be needing one with a vocational course, or get yourself one, for this, soon when your team and your market grows. Go ahead and join the Sub-Contracting Industry and accept renovations or construction jobs

Start your Clothing business or better yet make your own brand and put up your own Clothing line if you have a house for it. You may start with the closest school for their basketball team’s uniform on their intramurals.

The Hip

Uber has achieved its commercial success because basically, it solved a problem. If you have a unique idea on making this world a better place, and you strongly believe in it, integrate it into a mobile application (you must hire someone if you can’t). With effective strategic business plan, you might be the next face of Time Magazine.

Lack of grandest idea? A simple Mobile Game App can also be profitable through advertisement if it becomes a popular one (and/or frustrating like Flappy Bird).

This list of ideas for starting your own business is just a fraction of its entirety. The world is growing and its necessity grows with it. There might be no-nonsense idea when it comes to business because your today’s unsophisticated thought can be tomorrow’s biggest trend.

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