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4 Low-Cost Small Business

4 Low-Cost Small Business

4 Low-Cost Small Business

Give yourself the general view of what is in store when you have a limited fund to start up a business.

4 Low-Cost Small Business

Be a Service Provider

You, probably, have everything that you need to start this business-A computer, an internet connection, a necessary and functioning body part and the talent of your choice, expertise or capabilities. That’s basically zero-capital right there. Well of course, eventually, you will allocate some of your income to your internet provider as part of the operational expenses, but until then, everything is at low-cost, no, i meant free.

You start by declaring you just opened up for business. Let the world know you are ready to accept jobs, the one that involves your expertise or talent or any discipline of your choice, that you can accomplish successfully and satisfactory. Remember to nail your first jobs, with your pioneer clients, because they can make or break your business. They can either be that ray of light that makes the plant grow or that little brat girl that will pick the flower, right before it blossoms, only to throw it.

Be a Service Provider - 4 Low-Cost Small Business

Customer satisfaction will guarantee 2 things; a continuing patronage, and new clients.

Once you maintain a 100 percent customer satisfaction, or anywhere near that, brace yourself because you might soon miss an episode of game of thrones.

As you gain market share, your need for manpower increases. Surely, along the way you will receive inquiries for stuff that you don’t offer, and that’s another business opportunity right there.

Now, how can you teach French to someone when you can’t speak it yourself? You either fly straight to Paris to learn, or hire one who does. You choose…

Product Selling

Yes, you are right. You will do it online.

You have 2 options here.

Buy or make, and sell, which need just the right fund to get the ball rolling. You have a long list of items that you can sell but iPhone are not one of them. Focus on the quality but remember your monetary limit. You can also make your own brand but make sure that it is, again, within your buying power.

Product Selling - 4 Low-Cost Small Business

Consignment has already infiltrated the web. You must have stumbled across this kind of business protocol. Not yet? Well, you probably will one of these days.

Just like the conventional consignment, you will only pay your consignor once the item is sold, through your platform-social networking site, blogs. Or they will pay you. It depends whether the money came directly from the buyer to the supplier or to your PayPal account.

That means no upfront payment. None at all. Zero. That’s a low-cost business start-up at its finest.

Online Marketing

You either pay small amount for hosting or domain name, or pay nothing at all.

The system works in a way that, say, you as a blogger write an article about coffee that includes a link at the bottom of your blog. Now this link leads to an affiliated website that sells coffee. You can be paid, either by the click, by the sale or by the lead (when the “clicker” provided a contact details by filling the given forms).

Online Marketing - 4 Low-Cost Small Business

This is a zero-risk business opportunity that has been around even before the dawn of computers.

The thing about online affiliated marketing is, it is not being feasible for everyone. Although, yes it requires a negligible amount of capital, you must have a substantial count of visitors for your blog before you earn a substantial income.


No. You are wrong. This one belongs here. You can start a lending business eve with just a small capital.

You may choose to start with a fortune or you can start with a few hundreds. The main thing is to get started, earn and continue.

Once you start, make sure to separate your personal money from the business one. Every now and then, you’ll get paid. Add the interest to your original capital then lend it out again. If this process continues, profit will just come and go, and come.


Include small-time businesses on your client list once you have the means to cater their needs.

If the tides are not against you, which is less likely, you will find yourself dry that even your personal money has been lent out. That is, actually, a good indication of business.

Sooner, you’ll receive an inquiry for a bigger value. You can opt out of it or you can apply for a business loan which would be easy for you to get approved, by that time, because of your handsome financial statement.

You choose.

Low-cost is subjective. It is relative. Some might consider a couple of hundreds negligible in starting a business. It can be.

Unarguably, starting a business is one story; keeping the ball rolling is another. There always be, either capital or operational, expenses that will emerge one way or another. The important thing is, your business can cover it up.

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