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15 Simple business ideas

15 Simple business ideas.

In the modern society, ‘side hustles’ are the main mainstream. Thanks to the hard-economic times, viable business ideas are being sought like never. Generating an elegant idea involves trial and error. Ultimately, all trickles and largely depends on your passion. Below are some of 15 simple business ideas that you could try out in your pursuit to financial freedom.

1. Babysitting.

With everyone out to make ends meet, may people leave their homes early for their offices. For parents, getting reliable nannies has also become an issue. This being the case, if you love kids, there could be a lucrative business opportunity at your door step. Just rent a room or set up some space at you home and ask parents to leave their kids at a little fee. Like any other business, if you prove yourself, many more people will start approaching you and after a while you could be smiling all the way to the bank.

2. Rent a room in your home.

Do you have some extra space in your house? You can comfortably rent it for some extra income.

3. Blogging.

If you are passionate about writing, create a website and find a topic that you’ll be sharing via the site. No limitations on the content as you can talk about anything. At an incredible low startup cost, you can start as hobby then gradually turn it into business.

4. Baking and decorating cakes.

If you enjoy baking and possess a talent in artistic works, you can offer to be offering these services during your friends’ birthday or even wedding parties. With time, you could gain reputation and find yourself being hired to offer this services in bigger events.

5. Online freelancer.

This is currently among the most embraced simple business ideas. You simply need to be good with words and possess great writing skills and you are good to go. To get started you just need a computer and internet connection.

6. Cleaning other people houses.

Some people are willing to pay others a reasonable price simply to clean their houses. Do you have some free time over the weekdays, why don’t you embrace this viable way to earn extra income?

7. Pet sitting.

When over holiday, some people wonder where to leave their pets and who will take care for them. You can step in and offer to erase their worries.

8. Event coordinators.

Thanks to the modern efficient internet, you can market your event planning services and offer them during family events and large parties like weddings. You simply need to make people lively by cracking laughable jokes. Start with a small fee and gradually hike it depending on the magnitude of the event as your reputation grows.

9. Gym instructor.

If you are in good shape and possess basics exercise instructions, this could one of the greatest simple business ideas to get some extra income. For your information, these are highly sort personnel especially due to the increasing awareness on the importance of keeping fit.

10. Gardening services.

Do you have basic skills on how to do flower gardens, landscaping and related tasks? Be on the watch, there are many people willing to pay you handsomely just for that.

11. Office cleaning services.

It’s just amazing how many businesses are increasingly sourcing for people to clean their offices past normal working hours. I have a friend who started as such cleaner, today he owns a multi-billion company in diversified areas. You could be next, never despise humble beginnings.

12. Jewelry making.

Honestly, this calls for utmost patience but just as patience pays, homemade jewelry is no exemption. You just need to possess a keen eye for detail and creativity. There are numerous markets for such items.

13. Homemade soap making.

This business idea is easier than you think. You just need to purchase some few chemicals and mix them in required proportions, you can easily learn this from a friend or online via YouTube.

14. Carpentry.

Are you good at woodworking? Oh, that’s less important, are you passionate about woodworking? Well, if yes, just invest in a saw, a drill and some creativity.  You can start by basic repairs to existing woodwork then later venture into the furniture making business. I can proudly attest to you that this one won’t fail.

Hand-drawn Vector illustration of an Happy Carpenter Handyman

15. Handyman services.

This is perceived to a basic area for every man but to your disappointment, it isn’t. So, if you are skilled in basic home repair jobs such as plumbing and fixing of related fittings, simply let your neighbors know about it. You will be astonished by petty things some people are ready to pay you to help them with, but do you care!

Handyman services

Basically, the list is to business ideas at your disposal is endless as these are just some of which could get you few coins on your side hustle. Never limit yourself by imaging that you can’t. Get out of your cocoon, arise and shine, believe in your abilities since the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. All the best as you embrace any of the above-mentioned business ideas. Your journey to financial freedom could be just around the corner when you think it’s too far, remember, it’s darkest before dawn.


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