10 tips of successful startup  


  1. Think and Write-  You have to be very clear about your aim and place where you have to start and what to start. Things need to be very transparent about your start up. Firstly you have to research about the start up topic, its whole history you should really need to  know what it is and what is gone be. From head to toe you need to enquire everything. The thing which is really important is the written work, whatever you just enquire and research over the startup business you need to have it on paper. This will help you more to think and compare about your strategy.


  1. Sabse bda rupaiya Take your budget plan how much you can invest or search if you can take loan which company invest in lower interest rate but now there is so many scheme too under Mudra you can take loan with minimum interest rate with no age barrier, thanks to  Modi Ji. Government is much more safer way for you.


  1. Lets do it– Once you are clear with your plan you need to execute it. Execute it with a clear way, Your business has to be your priority, its like your baby like a nanny cant give you love like a mother, only the owner who can love his work, because you are the one who gave birth to your dream and finally see alive in front of you. You need all resources is very important to have them. Proper man power and proper resources according to type of your start up is really important to provide really efficient and satisfactory work.


  1. Divide and Rule the World !– Work should be assigned according to specialization, every small to big work has to be clear and divided so that you can check it easily and chances of any misinterpretation is very less. Management according to the work you have assigned is really  important. Everything has to managed clearly. The more systematic it is ,it is more easy for you to make it more efficient.


  1. Aaj nahi toh kabhi nhi It’s a long journey you have to do be ready for hard work .The Person who respect time always a achiever, if you began with a start up you need to value your time, “krlengey kam, badme yaar” types of person are seriously not allowed. To keep your things on time ,fast and so the more you achieve things with less stress. Whether it’s a online start up or not, complete your work on time and do it well, just do it today with your heart and you will cherish it later.


  1. Promote like a Publicity– In today world of technology, promoting and marketing your business is not a difficult thing, with various app you can design interesting promoting quotes, logos. Make your own website was now in pocket friendly rates, make your Facebook page, twitter & what not. Even you can promote in zero price with help of technology.


  1. Be A Observer– You need to observe things, around you, what is needed by the society and what is trending today, make innovative ideas by observing people for your business. Be smart at your work, be different.


  1. Eye on Rival- If you are in Startup newly dude there is a tough competition, but we don’t have to worry. You have to be smart enough like your competitor how are they doing in their job, compare it, try to observe their strategy. Don’t do it as new, make it a habit, try to observe in couple of months or year & this will help you as continuous growth.


  1. Free Advise always welcome– Try to take feedback and suggestions, if you are providing a service to others, you need to take feedback whether via email, twitter or anything. This helps you to improve and built trust which is way more important.


  1. Take Fresh Ideas- Give fresh youth a chance, believe it according to survey 80% of youth are much more advanced with new ideas. Give them a chance, make them also your startup ambassador to promote it in their college. Give certificates and gifts. Hire them at stipends or monthly basics for growing up your business. This idea really works.

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