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Invest in finding someone you admire - 10 Most basic steps to find a mentor

10 Most basic steps to find a mentor

10 Most basic steps to find a mentor.

Please don’t misunderstand me, but mentorship is a crucial pillar to success. Expectedly, just as in any other mutual benefit relationship, there are viable and unviable ways to find a mentor. The best mentoring seldom involves you asking one to be your mentor. Undoubtedly, you don’t have to presume that it’s all about you. Honestly, having one invest in you calls for your total participation. You ought to face it head-on. Here is a selection of 10 most basic steps to seek and find a mentor the right way that work, thank us later.

1. Invest in finding someone you admire.

Be specific on the expectations and duties you want your mentor to be in-charge of. This helps you in finding the right mentors that are guaranteed to forge a relationship that bears you fruits.

Basically, this doesn’t have to be a person with a job that you covet, remember the biblical ‘thou shalt not covet!’ On a lighter vein. Instead, look for someone with similar skills and strengths that you desire.

If possible, obviously, anything is possible. Invest your time in finding the appropriate person. Have a variety of prospective mentors and seriously evaluate them before deciding on who to settle on.

Invest in finding someone you admire - 10 Most basic steps to find a mentor

2. Be Open-minded and think outside the box.

To find a mentor, move out of your cocoon. Look outside your current set-up. Endeavor to know the person better. For instance, you can dig their information from their social media platforms. They say, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ As such, try to know people he/she associates with.

Essentially, ensure you are knowledgeable about their strengths and weaknesses because that’s the only sure way you can set realistic expectations.

Be Open-minded and think outside the box


3. Arrange for a meeting.

After settling on your potential mentor, ask for the first meeting. This is meant to ask for the person to be your mentor. Quite a huge ask for the first meeting, right! So, ensure your intent is done disguisedly. The location should be mutually comfortable.

Ask your desired questions, seek appropriate clarification, be precise with your prospective mentor but don’t prolong the meeting. The formality will depend on the communication style employed.

Arrange for a meeting

4. Evaluate the outcome.

Literally, call yourself to a meeting as well. Find out whether the initial meeting left you a better person. Was there any chemistry? Would you cherish more moments with this person? Was he/she an inspiration to you?

Finally, decide on whether to let the relationship go on or seek out an alternative instead. Life is too short to waste it on self-centered tyrants, your pursuit to find a mentor is no exemption. If the meeting went on smoothly, embark on a follow-up plan.

Evaluate the outcome

5. Do a follow-up.

No doubt that you will want the other person to affirm your seriousness. However, don’t be over-ambitious, this is not a dating affair-just a reminder.

Regarding this, be sure do a quick follow up and thank your prospective mentor for at least sparing some of their time for you. You can do either an email or an alternative passive means but be keen not to waste their valuable time.

It’s important to note that you’re still vetting each other at this stage. What about you alluding to them that you wouldn’t mind meeting them again! Well, that’s a wise idea. However, ensure that the other party is okay with the idea. Suggest an appropriate time and location as well so that you don’t end up causing a rude inconvenience.

Do a follow-up

6. Be patient.

Could be the proponents of ‘hurry hurry has no blessings’ had a perfect picture of a mentorship relationships when they came up with the adage. But wait! Did I say relationships? Sure, you see, many fail to acknowledge it as a relationship, leading to ambiguous expectations.

Mentoring should be given sufficient time to grow like any other affair. Build it on mutual respect and trust. Let it slowly thrive and always remember that patient pays.

Be patient

7. Bear with any emerging challenges.

If you are alive, challenges are inevitable. Don’t take a French leave simply because you think your mentor has posed a challenge to you. Challenges are what make us grow and in this case, they are what will make your relationship thrive. If it gets tough, become tougher as well, no good thing comes in a silver platter.

Bear with any emerging challenges

8. Initiate the relationship.

At this stage, probably you are fully settled with your choice. Therefore, don’t hesitate from asking for more of your mentor, but certainly you don’t have to demand anything.

Find ways to solidify your bond, for instance, you can often go out for a coffee. Undoubtedly, the person should be your best friend. Any request should be treated with honor, never a bother.

Initiate the relationship

9. Request for a feedback.

Asking for feedback! Quite intimidating, right? It obviously depends. All in all, it’s very vital to assess and evaluate the progress of your relationship. It will aid both of you in highlighting areas you need to pull up socks on while motivating you for future success.

Though weird at first, making it a habit makes it part of you. Feedbacks are guaranteed way to grow your relationship.

Request for a feedback

10. Make it a routine.

Worth noting, mentoring takes time sacrifice and hard work. It’s not an internship where you only attend in various seasons.

Make a vow that come rain or come shine, you will ensure its success. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. All the best in your endeavor to find a mentor.

Make it a routine

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