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Start a ‘handyman’ type business

10 Best small business opportunities that has taken the world by storm

10 Best small business opportunities that has taken the world by storm.

Could it be that you have mangled your fingers for long than you can admit? All that thinking of how you can actualize that career change! Or could it be that you just want to start your own business and that’s all. Well, all you should know is that just as Rome was not built in a day, the best small business ideas also need to be brainstormed a bit. They don’t just happen overnight.

Considering your strengths and skills is undoubtedly a great idea before coming up with the best small businesses to purse. The following suggestions may be all that you need to make a super just start.

1. Start a ‘handyman’ type business.

If you delight in solving solutions for others a business in plumbing or electricians could perfectly fit you. You simply acquire the skills via craftmanship experience or do a vocational degree in the field and use it as a stepping stone to your desired business empire.

Start a ‘handyman’ type business

2. Accounting business.

Are you good in numbers? Do you possess the necessary education? Start a bookkeeping business and watch your business grow. Numbers are not everyone’s’ cup of tea and so with necessary skills, you can consider this business and be assured of constant good returns.

Accounting business

3. Tutoring.

It’s safe to say that some of us are natural teachers. Generally, if you a multilingual with innate ability to explain concepts, consider a tutoring business. Specialize in areas such a writing, math or languages depending on your abilities.


4. Software engineering and development.

This is undoubtedly one of the best small business. Software engineers demand has tremendously increased as more businesses seek software created and maintained for them. In most cases, software engineers begin as employees the later become self-employed contractors. It is an ideal home-base business, thanks to emergence of cloud computing.

Software engineering and development

5. Bike sales and related services.

Bicycling has become a popular outdoor activity thanks to the health and environmental benefits it accrues to the cyclist. Due to this, the government has really promoted and encouraged bicycling, causing it to be a sure business bet. This simply means that if cycling is your thing and you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this could your best small business that will make your dream come true.

Bike sales and related services


6. Caring for the aged.

This continues to rank as one of the world’s best small business. No doubt that demographic play a great role. Due to their twilight age, many seniors suffer from mobility issues thus unable to carry nor drive themselves, leave alone carrying out chores like cooking or cleaning. Others go for extensive holidays thus need for property maintenance. Fortunately, seniors are wealthy, could be because of the revenue amassed over the years. As such, they comfortably afford to pay for all services offered. This is quite a rich area for entrepreneurs with an intent to take advantage of the old age trend.

7. Tattoos and piercing services.

Body decoration is there to stay. Research shows that at least 30% of youth have sought for tattoo services at least ones. If you are talented in artistic and creative skills, don’t you think could be an excellent opportunity to create some income. Although in some jurisdiction some expatriate experience is mandatory, most body decorators learn the art through apprenticeship through a professional.

Tattoos and piercing services

8. Counseling services.

Mental health is another viable best small business with a vivid increased demand. It however requires extensive schooling and observance of privacy.

Counseling services

9. Financial planner.

You need to have necessary education and certificate of practice and you are good. It is another best small business that is riding the modern wave. For the people in the twilight ages, need to get help on best ways to manage their hard-earned finances can’t be overstated. Financial advising is therefore an ideal business opportunity.

Financial planner

10. Company support services.

This is a catchy all-term that entail variety of services like cleaning, security and painting just to mention a few.

Today, it’s so easy to start a company. Considering starting a company providing in these facility support services won’t cost you the earth. For instance, to start a cleaning company, just source for some few employees who are comfortable with your pay and providing the stipulated roles. Approach prospective companies with your offer for a contract. After that send, them an invoice at end month and wait for your pay. Pay your employees and keep the rest.

Company support services

Essentially, starting a business is a very rewarding idea. There is a likelihood that as a small business owner, you may not emerge very wealthy at first, but at least you will have a taste of how it feels to be your own boss. What’s then is deterring you from trying, no one ever died of trying, you won’t be the first. All the best.

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